Polymer Valley Chemicals serves the rubber and plastics industries with a complete range of carbon blacks.

  • Furnace Black - All ASTM Grades
  • Thermal Black - N990
  • Mixed Grades are available.
  • Carbon Blacks can be shipped as partial or split loads or as full truck loads.


Polymer Valley offers Carbon Black Pre-Weighs in low melt, batch inclusion bags (71.1°C or 98°C) in weights of up to 60 pounds in a variety of grades. Pre-weighs offer lower costs, greater accuracy and cleaner facilities due to the elimination of spillage and paper bag waste and contamination.

MINERAL FILLERS: PV- Bright®, PV-Bond®, PV-Sil®

Polymer Valley Chemicals offers a variety of treated hydrous clays, silane treated clays, calcined clays and precipitated & fumed silica.